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Men's shoes made in italy


A beautiful tailor-made suit, a perfectly pressed shirt, and a carefully knotted tie. These are all images that come to mind when we try to define what elegance is in a man. However, none of these would be complete if the elegant man we are imagining, is not sporting a beautiful pair of handcrafted shoes made in Italy.
The mastery and tradition of the Italian shoe production, of Tuscany in particular, is world-renowned. Its story delves its roots in the history of a population born and raised among artisan shops. At Soldini, for over seventy years, we have been carrying on this great tradition, continuing to make all our shoes as small masterpieces. The mastery, care and attention we put into each of our piece, combined with our inspiration and all-Italian taste, are the guiding lights that inspire our every collection.
This is why, all over the world, elegance means Made in Italy.

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Oxford or Derby?

If elegance is the theme, we can’t help mentioning the oxford shoe. In the overall scenery of men’s shoes, this one stands out for its fine line and the tapered look it gives the foot. This is because the vamp is sewn over the quarters (the perforated part where strings go through), so they are tighter, so much so they hide the tongue. It is natural to compare this shoe to its sister, the derby, whose quarters are placed right over the vamp. This change is enough for the shoe to acquire a sporty and informal touch. The derby is therefore a shoe that can be used in formal contexts, but suits other combinations quite well, even when it comes to jeans.
Oxford shoes, however, particularly if they are black and shiny, maybe with a toe-cap and a flower pattern, are still the perfect shoes, the only ones that can aspire to be combined with a tuxedo or an extremely elegant tailor-made suit.
The enveloping shape of the oxford shoe provides a feeling of comfort and ease, especially on thin feet, that would charm and allure anyone. This is why, at Soldini, we don’t just offer it in its classic version, we try to make it sportier and easier to combine, developing the slip-on version, without the strings. Removing its string is enough to make the oxford suitable for work and leisure.

Lacen Man Shoes

The loafer, a must for men's footwear

The loafer, is undoubtedly one of the models Soldini is most fond of. Thanks to its almost elementary simplicity, the loafer is always open to new interpretations, according to fashions and imagination. But it is precisely the essential nature of its line that leaves no way out: it has to be a work of art! The mastery of the crafting hand is soon clear in the seam stitching, in the perfectly cut buckle straps, and in the interwoven tassels. The shape of this model does not, in any way, hide the beauty of its material, which emits warmth in shaved suede, softness in summer suede, or even solidity and elegance in shiny brushed calfskin leather. The best test, however, is to wear them. An all-surrounding comfort, that can only be guaranteed by the expertise of the crafter and the high quality of the materials.

Loafer Man Fall Winter

The ankle boot, a clear personality

The ankle boot is the go-to shoe for any man. First of all, it can solve and finish multiple outfits. Casual jeans? Ankle boot! Warm shoe for work? Ankle boot! Any atmospheric condition you will have to face throughout the day, from rain to snow, back to a sunny sky, the ankle boots have you covered for any unexpected event. It is in the history of this shoe itself to be ready for any weather condition, as the ankle boots were born as desert boots for the British military back in the fifties. This shoe instinctively calls back to the college years, to the student protests of the late sixties in the squares of the largest cities in Europe, and today, they still boast a somewhat bohemian taste that charms and fascinates everyone.
What is most convincing of the ankle boot, however, is definitely its practicality, which is given, among other things, from the fastening on the instep, which only consists of a double eyelet. This is why this shoe is the easiest to wear among all men's lace-ups.
At Soldini, we know that people looking for an ankle boot want their shoes to be beautiful and functional, of course, but most importantly, they want them to be comfortable. This is why the leather used for this model must be extremely soft, as the workings of the insole, which is padded and wrapped in leather.

All Soldini shoes must meet high quality standards. Everything, from the creation of the model, the cutting of the leather, up to the quality assurance of the finished product, is carried out personally, because only an expert eye and the careful hand of a master craftsman can guarantee the uniqueness of each shoe. The uniqueness of a product that is not industrial but that is made, still today, like seventy years ago.

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